5 Artists from BPM to know about

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Fortune 421 correspondent Airee Kim gave us her 5 favorite artists from this years BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Airree’s write-up gives us a good overview of some of the festivals best talent: Alex Niggeman, Dixon, Coyu, Scuba and Sasha.


With the multitude of banging house and techno at the BPM Festival, Alex Niggemann invites a more soothing, yet just as hypnotic presence to his sound. At least that’s how he starts. With flawless mixing, he then proceeds to paint his canvas further with dulcet tones accompanied by epic chord progressions and riffs that ever so subtly transports us to his darker side. Closing out with tracks like his release of “Sorrow” and Coyu’s “Just Nin (He Cries At Night) (Andre Lodemann Remix),” Alex Niggemann is quite the connoisseur when it comes to cultivating a mesmerizing atmosphere, one where the dimensions of space and time hold no significance.


If there’s one thing Dixon knows how to do, it’s to masterfully craft a set no matter what the hour is or what setting he is embedded in. This year’s BPM Festival Innervisions showcase was set at Blue Venado Beach Club, where one had to walk through a few kilometers of secluded jungle before reaching the open sky and stunning beaches of Tulum. As night gracefully transitioned into morning, he invited tender melodies that made our hearts quiver, and with just enough bass to energize us through the morning. Featuring tracks like José González’s “This Is How We Walk On The Moon” and his remix of Joy Wellboy’s “Before the Sunrise,” he understands the intricacies of curating the perfect set for the perfect atmosphere. It is no wonder he has been the #1 DJ of Resident Advisor for the last 2 years.


Gracing us with his mighty beard at the Suara label showcase, Coyu delivered even more energy in his set. Located in the sweatbox of Tabú nightclub in Mexico, Coyu immediately thrusted us into scenes of animalistic passions caused by the driving, throbbing basslines of Suara’s classic tech house and techno grooves. As soon as we ascended the stairs to reach the main floor, sweat started to pour even before the dancing ensued. But that didn’t matter. Revelers were pulsating to the beat harder than any party we attended here at the BPM Festival within the last 3 days. No rest for the weary here.


Scuba starts us off with a chill, atmospheric vibe and seamlessly transitions us into his universe that is a blend of varying forms of house and techno. Ten minutes in, we are plummeted into a dark, techno space but he proceeds to bring us out of the holes he digs for us and gets us grooving again with some deep house. As one of the more versatile DJs and producers we’ve seen yet, he progresses from pulsing tech house, to deep house, techno, acid-inspired house, and beyond. Welcoming old school vibes, he also features tracks by Alan Fitzpatrick, Barnt, and Carl Craig.


We can always count on Sasha for an utterly good time. Building off the energy Scuba crafted, Sasha instantly transports us to his brooding, hypnotic territory as night takes over completely. Knowing no bounds, Sasha is truly a wizard of sculpting the musical landscape, seamlessly blending minimal beats with progressive grooves. His tapestry of ethereal riffs and pulsating basslines unite us as one, surely as if this were the Last Night On Earth.

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