In Spring of 2013 at our 8 Year Anniversary we made a big step towards our initiative to give back more and make a bigger difference in others lives.  Our new Give Back Program is a commitment to share 4.21% of profits from our fashion, music and events divisions. A concept that our Founder Jason Herrick has been brewing upon since reading the book “Let My People Go Surfing” by Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard several years ago.

Giving back and paying it forward has been in our DNA from the beginning. Herrick’s mother, Joie, was homeless for 10 plus years and had an instrumental part in starting the company by hand stitching all the original Fortune 421 t-shirts. As an appreciation for what others did to help his mother stay alive and off the streets, Herrick wanted to build a company that could help others in similar situations. After years of working closely with local San Diego homeless outreach center StandUp for Kids, the Fortune Family decided to embrace an additional organization for our first Give Back cause and discovered Door of Faith.

Door of Faith is an Orphanage (DOFO) just across our border in Baja Mexico with over 150 children that have been abandon or neglected. Providing a clean and safe family atmosphere for these infants to college students is what DOFO has been committed to doing since 1959. With out any government funding DOFO is ran purely on donations from helpful churches, business and organizations.  So after a six month season of raising awareness and funds we had nearly met our goal of $5900 to supply 100 plus kids with school supplies and uniforms. In early October of 2013 a group of 16 of us from Fortune 421, LMH Promotions and William Painter Sunglasses were able to take some time to visit DOFO. We enjoyed a tour to learn more about the orphanage, played games with the kids and then made our first donation of $5242 in person.

This was a touching experience for everyone that joined us and many are now going above our initial efforts by sponsoring one of their young kids. In fact the trip was so moving that we decided to commit another year of fundraising efforts towards DOFO in order to help provide constructions needs on site in Fall of 2014. Our extension for the first Give Back cause will run through the end of September 2014 so purchasing any of our fashion, music or  even attending an event of ours will in turn be helping the kids of DOFO live a better life!

If you are interested to learn more about the child sponsorship program or how you can help more with DOFO’s general needs please visit www.dofo.org or contact us here to help with our future efforts: GET INVOLVED