New Clothing Lookbook

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At the end of last year, Fortune’s team of models and creatives journeyed around Abbott Kinney and Venice, California to shoot our latest men’s and women’s clothing pieces for the launch of our shiny new Fortune 421 website. Beginning on a Monday at 8am sharp, the shoot overall ran surprisingly efficient and smooth for it being everyone’s first time working together! A large reason why the photo shoot went so well is because our experienced creative director, Katie Davis, and passionate owner/brand director Jason Herrick already scouted out the colorful local spots and formed an inspiring mood board of their desired visions for multi-versed photographer James Law and his assistant Justin Owensby (filmmaker). The videographer capturing all the behind-the-scenes action was Fortune’s very own music director and artist Brady Spear.

Not only did we have a fun and relaxed crew, but our models were a lively bunch as well. Bubbly, blonde bombshell, Alexa Skonieczny, killed it as our female model, while our handsome male models were the artfully bearded Joel Alexander and the musically gifted Austin Charles.

Yes, we did hit the nail on the head when it comes to casual SoCal beach vibes being blended with a little urban street influence. And yes, our shoot was enjoyable and successful. But here’s where it goes deeper than that: All of these talented individuals that contributed to our vision of “spreading a fortune of love and life” are off doing it in their own ways as well. They are all involved in either different areas of the arts & entertainment industries, are entrepreneurs, and/or philanthropists. Personally, and as a member of the Fortune Family, I love working with and surrounding myself with other inspiring and positive hard-working people that are constantly adding to the flavors of life. Every single person on the shoot has their own vision and dreams that they are trying to share with others, whether it be helping underprivileged children, creating a fun social environment, constructing music to cultivate a desired mood, or making and being part of a film to touch people’s psyche. It’s all for the greater good and the intention of sharing happiness and “fortune” with others.

All of the Fortune gear that you see in the new lookbook is available at our online shop, and a portion of the proceeds goes to our Give Back Program partner Door of Faith Orphanage.

By Arielle Zimmerman

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