Travis Emmons

house dj & producer

Growing up surrounded by music, Travis undertook a multitude of instruments and could play by ear at the uncannily young age of eight. Born and raised under the scintillating spectrum of the Las Vegas strip, Travis was exposed to the party scene when most kids were still working their morning paper routes. It was in this hailstorm of premature partying and the ecstasy of the crowd that Travis discovered his true calling… He was meant to be a DJ/Producer.

Presently, Travis has been spinning over a decade and is one of the industry’s premier DJ’s in Hollywood, Vegas, San Diego and just moved to Miami Beach… No matter what club he’s burning the decks in, the crowd blissfully loses control and everyone has a night to remember. One of today’s most perceptive DJ’s, he always satisfies subconscious musical desire. To see him live is to understand both his passion for the music as well as his complete connection to the room around him. While continuing to establish himself as one of the biggest performing DJ’s in the house music scene, Travis has also been in the studio nonstop. His good friend Bass Kleph who has been a mentor to him, helped Travis come far in his engineering, writing orginal music and tuning the whole creative process. Travis has upcoming releases on Vacation Records, WePlay Music and Fortune Music among others.