Established in 2005 by Jason Herrick, Fortune 421 began as his small passion project while studying marketing at San Diego State University. Inspired by the urban beach cities of Southern California, Herrick set out to create a t-shirt style that could be worn on the boardwalk by day and in the growing downtown scene by night. 


Each original t-shirt was handmade by Herrick and his mother Joie, who had endured over 10 years of homelessness before joining her son in San Diego. Known around town as Mama J, she would sew each FORTUNE letter and 421 logo onto endless amounts of t-shirts giving her the newfound purpose in life to help grow her son's dream.


That dream quickly evolved from a single t-shirt style to a lifestyle brand which included a record label, events company and philanthropy arm that continuously gave back to homeless teens in honor of Mama J's journey. Thanks to Herrick's drive and close circle of friends who supported his vision, the company traveled from coast to coast growing the Fortune 421 brand name for over a decade. 


Returning from a short break the brand is relaunching in Summer 2018 with a focused effort on apparel and philanthropy. With 10% of the companies profits going back to those in need, customers will get to select at checkout for their purchases to support homeless teens in Southern California or less fortunate children in Baja Mexico.


Herrick's philosophy in life is to "Navigate with Passion" as he believes nothing is more fulfilling than aligning your life's passions with your career goals. For him that is taking Fortune 421 apparel to new heights and exploring urban beach cities around the globe for inspiration all while giving back along the way! 

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