Fast Lane Drive Collaboration

Fast Lane Drive Collaboration

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Diaa El All, Co-Founder of Fast Lane Drive, to learn more about his new exotic car club. Diaa has been a long time friend of ours from his days of living in Phoenix and joining us in Las Vegas to DJ our events. Now living in San Diego and working with CNG Digital Marketing & SiO Digital as the Vice President, Diaa has taken his passion for exotic cars with his business partners and turned it into a full time side project. We couldn't be more excited to see our friend create and grow this project and felt it was a perfect fit to collaborate with him on limited edition Fast Lane Drive x Fortune 421 styles for men and women. Read on to learn more and SHOP THE COLLABORATION HERE! 


F421: So, how did Fast Lane Drive come about?


Diaa: My business partners and I had all bought new cars and one day we invited a group of friends out to do a drive together. We finished at a restaurant for brunch, and went back to one of our friend's house; we all had an absolute blast. In the following days, each of us were talking about how great of a time it was and considering making our drives a monthly or bi-monthly thing. So we figured, why not make it official? That’s when Fast Lane Drive was born! We initially started with 11 members and now here we are today with 70+ members. It’s been a wild ride.



F421: You just recently celebrated your one year anniversary. What is one of your most memorable moments from the first year of FLD?


Diaa: Well, we’ve had 10 official events so far, each one has been incredible for different reasons. However, the most memorable events so far were two specifically. The first being the time we went to the drag racing strip up in Barona, where we raced in each other's cars and had a solid, friendly, fun competition between us. The next was the Vegas Drive, where we officially celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary. The highlight at that one was when we went trophy truck driving and did some circuit drifting. If nothing else, Fast Lane Drive gives us the opportunity to scratch my adrenaline itch, to say the least.   



F421: Our brand message is “Navigate with Passion”, and we can see you have definitely pursued your passions to create Fast Lane Drive. What was one hurdle that you faced in creating FLD and how did you overcome that adversity?


Diaa: When you start a club like this, you have a lot of applicants, and it is very easy to just let anyone join so you can grow and welcome as many people as you can. However, to us that is the quickest route to lose sight of your brand and culture. That said, we have to be very careful with who is admitted to be part of our community. We have a strict set of criteria that each applicant must meet, and the applicant cannot fall short of these criteria under any circumstances. Though that may seem harsh, we think that over time this will make for a more concentrated and focused culture within the club. This is challenging as we have to be able to tell people “no” sometimes.



F421: Lastly, is there any exciting news you can share with us about the future of FLD?


Diaa: Absolutely! We have two events coming up that I can start to share with the public. The first being our May Drive to Viejas Resort and Casino. We’re really excited about this one because it will be an excellent opportunity for networking and have fun. The next event we’re excited about is a big fundraiser we’ll be co-hosting with O’Gara La Jolla in July. It involves a local artist painting an exotic car, a live auction and all of the proceeds will be going to Rady Children’s Hospital.


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